Long division seems to be a real sticking point in student learning, especially if the concept of multiplication (not memorization of multiplication tables) is not mastered. In order to enable those that have not reached the mastery stage for multiplication to complete long division, I teach an alternative concept that relies on ‘friendly numbers’ (numbers that multiply by 2,5,10s, and numbers that easily calculate and subtract).
The outcome for this lesson is for students to understand and demonstrate the use of the ‘alternate method’ (students can choose any method they like to use, but should know there is more than one way to accomplish the task).
Assessment is easily accomplished by inspection, as each step is shown in the column generated during the completion of the calculation. Assumptions of student learning are: can multiply some single digit numbers; understand multiplying by 10s, 100s, and 1000s; can subtract using either a count-up or count-down method; understand place value and the related number column.

(Student instructions)

An Alternative Method to Long Division for Grade 6
Click on the video below, and follow along (or click here for the link).

  • Watch what is being shown; does it make sense to you? (If you get lost, write down the time where it no longer makes sense, and email it to Mr. MacGregor.)
  • When you finish watching,set your page up as in the video demonstration, and try this problem: 1464 divided into 3 groups.
  • You can take a picture or make a video, or do a Powerpoint or Google Slide of you completing the question.
  • Please email by Thursday, March 17, and remember to reach out if you have questions. We will go over this the following Monday in class.