Bonjour! This time, I wanted to create a resource that would allow me to address several aspects of French as a second language, while remaining modular. I searched out a generic person clip art under the creative Commons license, and used to create multiple layers. The temptation is to go very deep on this, I limited myself to looking at aspects of clothing, and parts of the body for grades five and six emerging French speakers. I used the layers not only to create the images, but also to create pieces that could be used for assessment. One thing I did notice over Pixlr compared to Sumopaint, is that Sumopaint limits you to only three layers, where as Pixlr is unlimited… Or at least over 30, which is where I got to. This can be expanded to include other parts of clothing, or smaller parts of the body, such as the face, the hands (including wrist, fingers, and thumb), or clothing for summer, for spring, etcetera.

A human outline with some parts of the body labelled in French