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For this assignment, students will be able to identify the key components of a different skeletal system based on prior knowledge, compare them to the human skeleton, and make an inference about functionality.

Click on the learning points (the yellow “+”) on the picture to learn gain more information on the skeletal parts. As you read, be aware that you will need to answer the following questions: “Compare and contrast the skeletal system of a human, which we have been examining for the last six weeks, and the skeleton of the ostrich. How does the ostrich’s skeleton differ from a human’s? Why do you think that is? Can you find two more dissimilarities that should be included on the image?”


Creating Interactive Text


Creating an Interactive Video- Assignment 4


  1. Hi Ryan,
    This is an interesting activity. I like the comparison activities included in the guided questions. Besides textual information, you also add the relevant infographic and video in the interactive graphic, which facilitates multiple learning paths. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for the props, Junxiang! I have approached every assignment this course with an eye to actually using it in my practice, so every learning outcome is one that I have or will address in my teaching load. Additionally, I am a big proponent of sharing resources, so there is a good chance this will end up in some online teaching repository, and so I want to make it pedagogically robust and relevant when it leaves my hands.

  2. Hi Ryan,

    This is a great interactive activity and very applicable to learning about the ostrich bone structure and anatomy. I like how you included an element of video in there. The detailed description of the mandible was fantastic.

    The only area I would suggest is to include the feet, as it looks complex. Maybe including a graphic on the feet, similar to how you did for the mandible.

    Great work and thank you for sharing,

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