Designing a Student Media Project Outline

Examining and constructing learning outcome for a French biography project.

By completion of this assignment, students, in accordance with BC curriculum, will be able to show use of common, high-frequency vocabulary and sentence structures for communicating meaning by showing they can:

  • ask a variety of questions
  • give descriptions of others
  • express likes, dislikes, and preferences

L’Ami(e)- Une Biographie

This project matches with provincial outcomes for grade 6 and grade 7 (French as a second language). Students interview each other with questions, and use written and oral language. The completed project will show students’ use and understanding of basic questions and answers; physical descriptions; likes, dislike, and preferences; and simple vocabulary such as parts of the body and colours.

Students will start with a randomly selected partner is class. They will look at exemplars of a biography, talk about it bth as individuals, and as a  class. They will generate a list of interview questions in French, and talk about it in a large group. Finally, each partner will generate their own questions.The quality, and to a lesser degree, quantity of the questions will count on the final assessment.

Final biographies can be submitted in a variety of formats such as a wiki, movie, or essay. All projects are composed in French, using the correct conjugation and vocabulary, which will contribute towards the final assessment.

Processes and Procedures

Stage 1- Team up and brainstorming

Stage 2- Generating framework

Stage 3- Interviewing

Stage 4- Synthesis of Material

Stage 5- Reviewing the product

Team or individual responsibility

As a team, generate the list of information necessary for a biography, and compile a question list. As individuals, generate your supplementary questions, conduct your interviews, complete periodic self and group assessments, and create your final product for grading. Below is a rough timeline for milestone completion dates.

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
Step 1/2  Step 3 Step 4 Step 4 Step 5



Sourcing a Piece of Media


Sourcing Creative Commons Audio for Educational Use

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  1. Hi Ryan,

    As second language teacher, I love your project idea! It is a great way to get them to use and demonstrate the grammar they have learned in a realistic way. It will also help them to learn more about their classmates, which could help to foster better relationships among students. I also liked that you gave them options for demonstrating their learning. This is really important to students, as they enjoy the freedom that choice gives them and can ultimately influence how well they do on the activity.


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