*When media is created on the H5P site, the exporting process is inadequate, and provides embedding codes and html links, none of which seem to work here. For the purposes of having this project, I have included a URL linking to the interactive video.

Thumbnail featuring apples that links to an interactive video

Click to activate the video

Media Used: For this project, I took a number of Creative Commons content from both https://www.videvo.net/ and Free Stock Creative Commons videos on Youtube. The accompanying background music was called Jazz in Paris, a royalty-free piece authorized for replay by Media Rights Productions. The videos were pieced together in iMovie, and uploaded to H5P.com, where the video timeline was paired with the multiple-choice queries to create interactive media.

French as a Second Language

three by three grid of different types of commons fruit, with their names written in French underneath

Learning Outcome:
The learning outcome for this lesson is twofold; first, understanding the masculine and feminine associations of words in French, and second, encountering common fruit names in the French language. The vocabulary used here has previously been brainstormed in class to create a list of the most common fruits, so that any unknown items could be explained in greater detail. A sheet has been attached to review the prior knowledge necessary to successfully complete the activity, or to assist students with unique learning needs. (A note: the singular form ‘un/une’ is included regardless of quantity in the pictures so the students make the oral connection between word gender and language usage).
Upon completion of the lesson, students will be able to: Identify at least 4 of the commonly listed fruits.
Learner instructions
Play the accompanying video. When the video pauses, click the hand icon that appears to answer the multiple-choice question. When the question is answered correctly, the video will continue. There are nine questions in all.

Music: Jazz In Paris – Media Right Productions https://youtu.be/mNLJMTRvyj8